From silos to stair towers – another impressive year for James Aiken

James Aiken Engineering Solutions has seen a wide variety of work pass through its doors over the last year. Undoubtedly the pandemic brought its challenges but we have been pleased to be able to continue working where possible, providing world-class steel fabrication to a variety of industries across Scotland.

From farms to churches, offshore equipment to sawmills, it has been an interesting and rewarding 2021 for James Aiken Engineering Solutions.

The variety of kept coming in, with no two jobs the same. Here some of our 2021 highlights.

Power Distribution Frames

Bespoke, robust frames to support power distribution systems were designed from detailed drawings and fabricated using stainless steel grade 3176 extrusions. Precision-cut on James Aiken’s water jet, the mounted frames were certified to a working load limit of 0.9 tonnes and 1.3 tonnes respectively, with all welds to lifting points and structural assemblies subject to non-destructive testing. Drawing on the expertise of the fabrication and machining workshops, the contract was completed on time, to the customer’s specific requirements.

High Performance Cyclone for Sawmill

Next up and destined for a sawmill in central Scotland, a large cyclone was designed to remove large quantities of sawdust from the air to protect workers and remove the threat of combustion. Built to cyclonic principles, the unit reduces waste by separating sawdust from other particles. The cyclone was constructed using 3mm galvanised mild steel, cut from our high-definition plasma machine and CNC guillotine, then formed using pinch rollers and fully welded by our team of highly skilled coded welders.

Rolls Royce Stainless Steel Engine Container

James Aiken has an enviable reputation for producing bespoke work – even when being called upon to produce a replica large structure with no detailed specifications. This hermetically sealed engine container for use offshore was produced using 316 stainless steel for ultimate strength, to withstand corrosive seawater and industrial stresses. As well as the engine, a strong frame was constructed, and the components were machined and milled to achieve a hermetically sealed container.

Free Standing Stair Tower to Access Water Storage Tank

Then there was a 7.2-meter-high stair tower to allow access to a water storage tank at an Aberdeen reservoir. This called for a detailed site survey and adherence to strict technical requirements. Once fabricated, the stair tower was blasted, primed and a topcoat applied to give a superior finish and protection for workers operating in extreme weather conditions. The previous stairs were removed for the new structure to be installed using a large crane and access equipment. Design engineering was completed in two weeks, and fabrication at the James Aiken site in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen took place over four weeks, with three days required for safe installation.

Precision Engineered Grain Silo

As well as space for manufacturing large structures, James Aiken stands apart when it comes to precision engineering. Commissioned to produce an enormous self-standing grain bin, the team set about fabricating a multitude of component parts to fit together perfectly on site. Using galvanised steel and precise plasma cutting, each section was formed on a CNC machine to achieve perfect bends and angles for components parts, including a robust frame. A smooth surface for easy maintenance provided the perfect finish to store grain. The individual parts were then transported in with the necessary hardware for safe and secure assembly on site. With a reputation for bespoke solutions, cutting-edge machinery and expert craftsmen and women, James Aiken is proud to continue to provide high quality fabricated metal products and components to customers near and far. Whatever the challenge – any shape, any size, any thickness – James aiken Engineering Solutions is ready to deliver.