Comprehensive CNC capabilities under one roof

James Aiken Engineering is your go-to experts for a wide array of engineering services. With fabrication and machine workshops operating under the same roof and kitted out with advanced CNC machines, we are set up to deliver all your metal fabrication, machining and engineering needs.

From intricate designs, complex shapes, to high-quality forming, our fully automated, high-speed machines are up to the task.

Our capabilities extend to CNC forming on a 4m long press brake, guillotine cutting, and saws, making us a one-stop solution for all your engineering needs. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, James Aiken Engineering is the engineering company of choice for customers seeking precision, efficiency, and fast turnaround of projects.

Advanced CNC Punching Services

Our fully automated CNC high-speed punching machines are ideal for special one-off projects or low volume products and components. Quick and flexible, our punching capabilities deliver small batches at highly competitive rates.

CNC Bending

Our advanced CNC bending machines handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, providing accurate bends to meet your specific requirements. If you need simple or complex bending, our capabilities ensure high-quality results every time.

CNC Press Brake

Forming is carried out on a 4m press brake, pre-programmed to fold sheet metal from 1mm to a maximum of 10mm thickness in a combination of different bend lengths and angles.

CNC Guillotine and Saws

Our guillotine has a maximum cutting length of 3m and material thickness of 10mm while our CNC saws have a 250mm diameter maximum cutting capacity.

Hydraulic Pinch Rollers

Our hydraulic pinch rollers can handle materials of mm max thickness x 2m long.