Cutting edge machining where every detail counts

Our machine shop is a hub of engineering excellence, equipped with a diverse range of advanced machinery like the Dugard ECO 1000 4-Axis Vertical Machining Centre and V5 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine. This enables us to tackle a wide array of engineering tasks with unparalleled precision.

Skilled Machinists

Not only are our machinists skilled, they bring a wealth of experience to every project. Precision machining, milling, or turning, they have the know-how to produce quality engineered components.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond machining, we offer complete installation and testing services. Your components and parts are tested in-house to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Your Engineering Partner

We are committed to meeting your unique needs, whether standard or bespoke parts. Our machining expertise make us the engineering company of choice for precision parts and quick project turnarounds.

Volume Production

Efficiency is at the core of our operations. Our skilled workforce enables us to handle large and small batch work with speed and precision. We offer fast turnaround contract work at competitive costs, making James Aiken Engineering the go-to choice for machining projects of any scale.