Lifeboat access and escape route for offshore platform


Prior to lockdown, James Aiken Engineering Solutions was awarded a contract from a major energy company to build a lifeboat access walkway and secondary support framework for installation on an offshore platform. Detailed technical drawings and a tight specification meant few fabricators were able to produce a project of this scope.

 Working alongside the client design team, James Aiken, as a result of their experience of such bespoke projects, recommended a number of design modifications to the specification that were approved and led to the award of the contract. Then lockdown – and all operations were suspended.

The Challenge

Over the ensuing period, personnel changes to the client project team meant a fresh start when restrictions were lifted and James Aiken was able to return to work with a small team, observing strict physical distancing and safety measures. The scope of work included the construction and fabrication of fully a compliant access walkway, including metal stairs, and a support framework, complete with connections and handrail assemblies. All parts were to be supplied separately for assembly and installation offshore.


James Aiken’s technicians and team of highly skilled coded welders worked round the clock to complete the four phases of the project. The corrosion-resistant aluminium structures and component parts were cut, fabricated, welded and finished in our extensive machine and fabrication shops. 

There the fabrication was bolted together and tested before being unassembled and carefully packed in parts ready to be despatched offshore. The installation was completed offshore and the client was highly complementary of the precision engineering that had gone into creating the access walkway, stairs and support framework. It was yet another example of the custom solutions that James Aiken can deliver to clients with bespoke needs. Call the James Aiken  team for your next engineering and fabrication project on or offshore.