Baker Hughes work stations


Working closely with oil field services company Baker Hughes, James Aiken Engineering Solutions was enlisted to supply a series of new work stations within its Aberdeen facility. 

The scope of work, which would include seeing James Aiken replace a range of existing roller racking on the company’s behalf, follows the development of a new production line protocol. The revised system and subsequent work stations needed to be able to ensure the efficiency of the product as it goes from the manufacturing process through to final inspection and dispatch.

On meeting the Baker Hughes team, James Aiken presented a range of options which would allow the client to reuse most of the component parts of its original workstation layout. This approach falls in line with the client’s recent adoption of the Kaizen Blitz approach to process improvement. Cost saving and improvements to the working environment are very much at the heart of this initiative.

The Challenge

Like most, this project presented a number of challenges that had to be overcome by the James Aiken team. The timescale for the work was an initial priority, with the dismantling of the current system and the modification and installation of the new system all required to be fully functional within five days. This resulted in the project having to move extremely fast in order for the client’s requirement to be fulfilled.

All new and modified inspection tables and racks had to be designed, manufactured and load tested in an effort to allow them to suit the revised set-up. Old equipment, as far as possible, also had to be incorporated into the new system. Modifications to existing equipment can bring with it a number of challenges but the client was dependent on James Aiken devising a system that met its needs.

The capital expenditure of the project was also a challenge, with an extremely tight ROI being targeted from its outset. James Aiken is au fait with working within tight parameters, with its skilled team experts in working within timescales and pre-approved budgets.


To meet the client’s requirements, James Aiken produced six oversized work benches alongside modifying a number of the existing benches and two existing roller racks. The workscope also included the manufacture of two new corner rolling racks.

Working to Baker Hughes requirements was an essential part of the project, with all design, manufacturing and testing meeting the set guidelines.

As a result of careful planning, attention to detail, problem solving and innovative thinking, a new system was devised that met the client’s requirements. Productivity, efficiency and ensuring the health and safety of workforce and products were key themes throughout the entire project.


James Aiken strives towards going above and beyond its client’s expectations and on completion of this project for Baker Hughes, the client was delighted with not only the finished system but with the speed, delivery and value for money of the entire project. James Aiken prides itself in any job it undertakes, no matter how big or small that may be, and to receive this sort of feedback highlights the benefits that working with the company can bring.

The success of this project has led to repeat business with Baker Hughes, with James Aiken invited to take part in another similar product line modification project. Trust is essential to successful business and James Aiken is always keen to develop growing working relationships with like-minded clients. Working together can bring about positive change to a business or organisation and James Aiken would be delighted to play a part in making that happen.