Stainless steel engine container packs a lot of power


James Aiken Engineering Solutions is known for its bespoke work. Sometimes detailed drawings and specifications are not available, instead clients turn up with a structure and ask, β€˜can you make this?’ The answer is always yes. Take a recent example when a power turbine company brought a stainless-steel container into our workshop and asked us to construct a replica to support a Rolls Royce turbine engine.


Without a detailed specification it came down to meticulous planning, checking and double-checking dimensions, so every single component and measurement were accurately recorded. The container would be hermetically sealed – air-tight and water-tight – with no margin for error.

Materials for each section and components were itemised with 316 stainless steel used throughout to withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and to use its excellent creep strength, which makes it more resistant to industrial stress.

The production process began forming 316 stainless steel sheets, 4 metres by 2 meters with a 2B polished and brushed finish, which were placed into our large cold roller to roll and shape the hollow sections and the top cover of the steel container. Meanwhile the frame, steel flat bars and TEE supports were formed. The frame and engine supports were machined and milled to support and lockdown the engine and hermetically seal the top and bottom sections of the container.

Built in sections the carcass came together with sections welded together to create a seamless unit. The base included anti-shock, anti vibration supports, and the final assembly was subject to an MPI and load test prior to delivery.


Another bespoke job that combined the expertise of James Aiken’s fabrication and machine shops to create a replica steel container to transport a turbine engine safely and securely for an offshore customer. The engine was well protected for long term storage. If you need a bespoke engine container to transport and maintain critical equipment for the most demanding environments, contact James Aiken today on 01224 704842. A Rolls Royce service for a Rolls Royce engine.